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The carrying of debt by non-profit entities, including skills, greatly handcuffs the ability of those entities to flourish. And the WCA Ministry is no different. Retirement of our facility debt will open doors and allow our school to add to or make improvements in programs that elevate the school, creating greater engagement among our students and community. Hamstrung by debt payments, there exists the need to divert substantial amounts of tuition proceeds to debt payments instead of being put forth in ways that make WCA an even more amazing place to learn and love at the same time. This could come in the form of funding more mission trips, adding additional staff to expand the impact of the ministry, offering financial tuition aid to families in need, or buying materials to field a Lego League robotic team. All of these programs are worthy expenditures that glorify God, but may end up unfunded because of the percentage of tuition income devoted to facility debt payments. 

Helping WCA become independent of debt is not only an operational prerogative, but also a biblical mandate. In Matthew 6:24, Jesus talks about the difficulty of serving two masters. None of us, personally or institutionally, can serve both God and money. Both of these masters want total devotion and we are unable to give attention to both. When a ministry goes into debt, loyalties and goals become divided, and the ministry becomes a slave to the lender. Your investment in WCA will help us break the chains of debt, and allow our ministry to more freely serve our one true master, our Lord God, in our fullest capacity. 

WCA endeavors to retire its current debt fully within 3 years. 

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