Spiritual Life: Seen, Heard, Known, Loved, Valued, and Shaped.

We are spiritually diverse; students are welcomed wherever they are on their spiritual journey.

  • We pursue students through building relationships, solid biblical teaching from God’s Word, corporate worship experiences, and a dedication to discipleship and biblical application.
  • The daily schedule incorporates morning prayer and devotions, small group gatherings, biblical immersion into academic courses offered, and evening life groups.
  • Students are taught to live in a community where love, respect, and forgiveness abound, influenced by 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 and Matthew 18.
  • We firmly believe that each student is created by God on purpose and for a purpose.

Oh, The Places You Will Go!

Williamsburg Christian Academy’s historic location and proximity to Washington DC, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Philadelphia, New York, Raleigh, Charlotte and Atlanta enhance our residential life experiences. 

Saturday out-of-town residential experiences are designed to enrich the lives of all boarding school students and to get away from and unwind for a day. Departure times for Saturday experiences destinations may adjust due to trip location and distance. 

A Day in the Life of Our Boarding Students

Weekdays Saturdays Sundays


6:00 am:   Wakeup, Showers, Dress for School Day
6:45 am:    Sweep or Vacuum Room Floor and Make Beds
7:00 am:   Boarder Breakfast, Medicine, and Devotional (Residential Campus)
7:30 am:   Boarder Transport to Academic Campus
8:05 am:   Begin Academic Day
12 pm-2 pm:  Boarder Room Inspection (Residential Life Staff)
3:00 pm:   End of Academic Day; Boarders Transition to Athletics and After School Activities (Academic Campus)
5:00 pm:   Transport to Residential Campus and Showers
6:15 pm:    Dinner
7:00-9:00 pm:  Evening Study Hall
9:15 pm:    Fourth Meal (Evening Snack) and Bedtime Medicine with RN
9:45 pm:   Rotational Hall and Commons Chores
10:15 pm: Bedtime Prep
10:40 pm: Hall Devotionals by Gender
11:00 pm:  Lights Out


10:00 am:  Devotional, Brunch and Morning Medication Administration with RN (Residential Campus)

11:00 am:   Weekly “White Glove” Room Inspection including Wooden Furniture

12:00 pm:   Travel to Weekly Fun Trip 

6:00 pm:     Dinner and Medication Administration (Typically out-of-town)

Midnight:    Return from Out-of-Town Fun Trip and RN Medication

12:45 am:    Lights Out


9:30 am:    Wake Up, Breakfast, and Morning Medication Administration

10:45 am:   Boarder Transport to James City County Church Service or Attend Residential Campus Church Service 

1:30 pm:     Lunch 

2:00 pm-5:30 pm:   Flex Time; Walmart or Target Runs for Essentials

6:00 pm:    Dinner and Return to Cottages for Boarders with Weekend “Blue Slip” Visitation Permissions

7:00 pm:     Study Hall

9:00 pm:     Fourth Meal (Evening Snack) and RN Medication Administration

9:45 pm:     Rotational Hall and Commons Chores

10:15 pm:    Bedtime Prep

10:30 pm:   Lights Out

While on the Isle of Patmos, in Revelation 7:9, John saw a heavenly vision in which every tribe, tongue, and nation worshipped the Lamb of God on the throne.

Partner with us today as we set out to expand God’s kingdom here on earth where students from every corner of the globe worship Christ, live, and study together with love as defined in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8.  His guidance, coupled with your partnership, are vital in bringing our strategic vision to fruition. $2 million of our four-year, $11 million capital campaign will be reserved for marketing, staffing, program additions, and travel to recruit domestic and international boarding students.

Leading the Charge: Head of School Johnny Graham

With over 28 years in education, and having spent the last several years establishing a boarding preparatory school in Maryland, Johnny Graham is uniquely suited to spearhead the residential program initiative at WCA.