Thank You For Considering Sponsorship in the
2021 WCA Clay Shooting for a Cause Target Shooting competition

Helping families afford a quality Christian education helps the world become stronger in Christ. 

Supporting many causes, the dollar only stretches so far. Your support may solve a problem now, and may even help put in place a process that will help mitigate a problem longer term, but does it impact many generations in the future? Do many other causes create a change of convictions required for the further growth in Christ and a community of souls committed to doing good works worldwide for the cause of Christ?

Support for Williamsburg Christian Academy helps us plant a seed of faith and a missionary mindset into the hearts and minds of our youth that lead them to a lifetime of good works and deeds in the name of Christ. Every dollar that is spent to support WCA is multiplied many times over in the building of the faith and Christian character of our many graduates, who then go out into the world and sow the seeds of a life lush with moral fiber and the desire to care for the poor and sick, aid those who have been stricken, and foster goodwill among all, as Christ has commanded us.

Proceeds of the Clay Shoot for a Cause target shooting tournament help enable any family seeking to give their child the gift of Christian education the ability to receive it. Much of the funds raised will provide scholarships for many students who could not afford to attend or continue to attend WCA otherwise. Will you help us welcome them, and plant the seed of a lifetime of Christian faith in them?


Tourney Information

Date: December 7th, 2021        Format:  100 Clay Course

  • 12/20 gauge ammo included
  • $800 for 4-person team
  • Comple liability waiver
  • Shooter gift bags giveaway
  • 2 mulligans & 2 raffle tickets package- $30
  • Two Drummer BBQ lunch included .



If you fail to obey these rules you could be asked to leave the course

1. Eye and ear protection required at all times while on the course

2. No single shot shotguns (Each gun must be able to hold 2 shells. If capable of more than 2 shells, you may only load 2. ) 

3. Load guns ONLY when you are in the shooting box

4. Load only 2 shells at a time when you are shooting

5. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.

6. Gun barrel should be pointed out in front of shooting box when you are shooting

7. When you are finished shooting, guns must be unloaded and action open BEFORE leaving shooting box

8. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the course or to be consumed before shooting

9. You must stay on paths designated at all times

10. You must NOT go to a trap that is not working, call us and let us know at (804) 966-2955

*WCA will be responsible for all alcoholic beverage sales on the grounds.  According to the laws of the Commonwealth of VA, participants or guests are not permitted to bring any alcohol to this event.  All alcoholic beverages must be provided by the WCA.


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Registering Your Sponsorship

Registering a sponsorship for the WCA Clay Shoot for a Cause target shooting tournament is easy. You may register in two ways:

1. By filling out a Registration Form and returning it to WCA with a check or card info for the amount of your sponsorship, OR

Register here online: 

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